Two years after the "recruitment" judgment Citizens' groups supporting the plaintiffs rally South Korea October 30, 19:06

It has been two years since the Supreme Court of South Korea handed down a ruling ordering compensation to Japanese companies on the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, and in Seoul, civil society groups supporting plaintiffs held a rally in Japan. I asked the company to implement the judgment again.

Two years ago, the Supreme Court of South Korea paid compensation to Nippon Steel in a trial in which four Koreans were "forced to work in Japan as recruiters during the Pacific War" on October 30. I handed down the ruling to order.

Regarding this, the Japanese government said that the issue of "recruitment" had been resolved by the Japan-Korea Claims Agreement of 1965, and demanded that the state of violation of international law be corrected, and Nippon Steel has not responded to compensation.

On the 30th, two years after the ruling, about 20 members of a civil society group supporting the plaintiffs held a rally in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, saying, "Nippon Steel should accept compensation." I made a call and asked for the fulfillment of the judgment again.

Regarding the issue of "recruitment," in addition to the Nippon Steel trial, the plaintiffs are proceeding with the "cashing" procedure to seize and sell the defendant's assets in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries trial. The focus of the administration is on providing an acceptable solution for the Japanese side.