Mohsen El-Daly, spokesman for the Judicial Council for Combating Terrorism in Tunisia, stated that the Public Prosecution had ordered the opening of a study to investigate the existence of an organization called "Al-Mahdi in southern Tunisia" that adopted the implementation of the Nice operation in France.

Al-Daly explained - in a statement to the Tunisian News Agency - that the opening of the research follows the publication of a post about a person who claimed to belong to this organization.

According to Al-Daly, the forensic investigation will include the extent of this organization's involvement after an investigation into its presence in the Nice process.

The suspect beheaded a woman and killed two other people in the "Notre-Dame de la Sommission" church in Nice, named Ibrahim El-Ouesaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian who had recently immigrated to Europe.

On Friday morning, the French police announced the arrest of a man suspected of being linked to the attack, which took place yesterday.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan said that there was a possibility of more attacks on French soil.

"We are at war and facing an external and internal enemy, and the Islamic ideology," he added.