Miley Cyrus says that in recent years she has been fully booked with tours and festival gigs and that she therefore did not have time to meet her godmother, Dolly Parton, so much. 

- She gave me a tip that we do not need a pandemic to keep us apart - you still have not come and visited me.

It felt "ouch," says Miley Cyrus.

Material burned up

The new album, "Plastic Hearts" will be her seventh album.

On Instagram, Miley Cyrus writes that the album took over two years to complete.

In the middle of the work, she was forced to start over when she lost her house in the fires in California in 2018.

Computers with recorded music and notes burned up, Miley Cyrus writes on Instagram ahead of the upcoming record release.

The new album will be released on November 27. 

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