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The Paris Bourse was cautious on Friday at mid-session (+ 0.29%), the bit of consolation provided by the rebound in growth in the euro zone in the third quarter and several positive results having been brief.

Worried about the economy, the European stock markets opened lower.

At 1:00 p.m. (11:00 a.m. GMT), Paris gained 0.29% (to 4,583.04 points) while Frankfurt (-0.20%) and London (-0.17%) were more reluctant.

In the United States, the futures contracts announced a lower opening, that of the Dow Jones losing 0.78%, that of the S&P 500 yielding 0.76% and that of the Nasdaq retreating by 1.04%.

European markets were encouraged at the end of the morning by the rebound in gross domestic product (GDP) of the euro zone (+ 12.7%) in the third quarter, a historic figure which marks a catching-up after an unprecedented drop (-11 , 8%) in the previous quarter.

However, the trend could change further after the US household spending and consumer confidence figures.

The impact of the second wave of the pandemic on the economy continues to worry investors, after several areas of activity have been muted.

Faced with the acceleration of contaminations affecting Europe, several countries have closed non-essential businesses and padlocked tourism.

Others like France, Wales and Ireland, have opted for a new phase of containment.

"In view of the new sanitary measures undertaken by European countries, visibility has" been further reduced in terms of economic prospects, "writes Patrice Gautry, chief economist of UBP.

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) did not fail to highlight the risks of a deterioration in the economic outlook in the euro zone and made it clear that it was preparing to beef up its measures by the end of the year. support for the economy.

Its president "Christine Lagarde had to reassure and reaffirm the institution's desire to make additional monetary support arrangements by the end of the year," explains John Plassard, investment manager at Mirabaud.

“Globally, the coming week promises to be the worst for the financial markets since the spring, just before the first confinement,” recapitulates Franklin Pichard, director of Kiplink Finance.

At the same time, the whole world is awaiting the outcome of the US presidential election to be held on Tuesday.


In London, these values, dependent on the economic situation, paid the price for investors' caution.

Anglo American lost 0.16% to 1,790 pence and BHP 1.7% to 1,465.20 pence.


The oil giant (+ 2.65% to 25.80 euros) managed to stay in the green in the third quarter despite the fall in oil prices.


Aibus took 1.63% to 62.49 euros, driven by the resumption of deliveries and the equipment manufacturer Safran, which confirmed its financial objectives for 2020, increased in parallel by 3.36% to 90.50 euros.

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