An F-5E single-seater fighter jet crashed into the sea on October 29 at the Taiwan Air Force’s Taitung Zhihang Base.

The pilot parachuted into the sea and was pronounced dead after being sent to hospital.

The F-5E/F is Taiwan’s first self-assembled jet fighter, and 8 accidents have occurred since 2001.

After the crash, Taiwan's military stated that related aircraft types will be grounded for special inspections.

  The crashed fighter plane belonged to the Seventh Wing of the Taiwan Air Force and took off from Zhihang base at 7:29 in the morning.

The pilot ejected parachuting and fell into the sea at 7:31. He was rescued at 8:50 and rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead.

  On October 30, Zhu Guanluo's farewell ceremony was held at Zhihang Base.

On that day, Zhu Guanluo's family members showed up in the mourning hall and wept bitterly, and Zhu Guanluo's mother angered the military.

Zhu's mother said that she had heard her son complain about the F-5E fighter aircraft sooner or later, but she did not expect it to come true.

According to Taiwan military information, Zhu Guanluo was born in 1991 and has accumulated 700 flying hours.

  (Editing Li Jiali's video source: Dongsen News Cloud)

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