Short-term business trip overseas Japanese, etc. Re-entry time 14 days waiting exemption decision Government October 30, 19:05

Regarding the measures against the border of the new coronavirus, the government will be at the countermeasures headquarters on the 30th, under certain conditions when Japanese people who have made short-term business trips abroad or foreigners residing in Japan re-enter Japan from November. , Decided to exempt 14 days of waiting.

At the meeting of the Countermeasures Headquarters held at the Prime Minister's Office on the 30th, the government decided on a policy to ease border measures.

According to this, from November, when a Japanese who has made a short business trip abroad or a foreigner residing in Japan re-enters the country, he / she will be exempted from waiting for 14 days under certain conditions. I am.

As specific conditions, we are required to submit an "activity plan" that describes the places to visit and not to use public transportation for 14 days after entering Japan.

In addition, regarding measures that, in principle, refuse entry to approximately 160 countries and regions, the "infectious disease risk information" has been reduced from "travel suspension recommendations" to "unnecessary and unurgent travel refrain" from China and South Korea. We have decided to cancel 9 countries and regions such as.

Prime Minister Suga said, "We will absolutely prevent explosive infections and give top priority to protecting the lives and health of the people. We will make use of the scientific knowledge gained from the past measures to prevent the spread of infections and socio-economics. I want you to continue to do your best to take measures in order to balance activities. "