One year from the Shurijo Castle fire Responsible restoration efforts Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat October 30, 13:30

It has been 31 days since the fire at Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture.

Deputy Cabinet Secretariat Sakai emphasized the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsibly working on the restoration of Shurijo Castle in cooperation with Okinawa Prefecture, etc., based on the process chart aiming to restore the "Shoden" by 2026, six years later. did.

At Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture, a large-scale fire broke out in the early hours of October 31st last year, and six buildings including the main building "Shoden" were completely destroyed, and the government said on March 6th. By 2026, a year later, we have decided on a process chart that aims to restore the main hall.

At a press conference after the Cabinet Secretariat, Deputy Secretary Sakai said, "We are currently designing the main hall based on the schedule, and are considering strengthening fire prevention measures and procuring materials such as wood and roof tiles. ".

On top of that, "Shurijo Castle is an extremely important building that can be said to be the pride of everyone in Okinawa. As the government, we will continue to cooperate with Okinawa Prefecture and local officials and take responsibility for the restoration of Shurijo Castle. I will go. "

Northern Minister Kono Okinawa "I want to work on restoration as soon as possible"

In addition, the Minister for Northern Okinawa, Kono, said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, "We must reaffirm the importance of Shuri Castle and think about the loss of the people of Okinawa and do something about it. There are also reconstruction events such as the public opening of the remains of the main hall and projection mapping, so I would like to work on restoration as soon as possible in cooperation with related organizations, including tourism promotion. " ..

He added, "I have been to Shurijo Castle several times, but I haven't been there since it was burned down. I would like to stop by if I have time when I go on a business trip to Okinawa."