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My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you informed of all developments at the NK distances in Thialf this weekend. 

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  • Ntab

    clocked fastest time at 500 meters.

  • Ter Mors Dutch champion 1,500 meters.

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    : Second 500 meters (m)

  • 3:24 pm: 5,000 meters (m)

NK distances · a few seconds ago

Stage 7

 - We pick up the culmination of the 1,500 meters on stage 7. The first skaters do not come close to the top times of the first run, an overview of those times:

  • 1. Dai Dai Ntab


  • 2. Hein Otterspeer


  • 3. Kai Verbij


NK distances 12 minutes ago

Another three men who were on the podium in the 1,500 meters last year.

Only Dai Dai Ntab is also present this year and naturally hopes for the first place.

NK distances 18 minutes ago

While the zamboni is preparing the ice for the second round of the 500 meters for the men, we get the news that Kjeld Nuis will not start in this round.

22 minutes ago

NK distances 29 minutes ago

The top 5 of the 1,500 meters on women:

  • Jorien ter Morst


  • Antoinette de Jong


  • Melissa Female


  • Ireen Wüst


  • Marijke Groenewoud


  • NK distances 33 minutes ago

    The one his bread, the other his death: Jorien ter Mors becomes Dutch champion in the 1,500 meters for the fourth time in her career, while Ireen Wüst falls off the podium for the first time since 2004.

    Antoinette de Jong and Melissa Wijfje complete the podium.

    NK distances · 37 minutes ago

    Stage 8


    Ter Mors becomes Dutch champion in the 1,500 meters!

    Wüst even falls off the podium and, despite a strong start, is fourth.

    NK distances 40 minutes ago

    Stage 7

    - The Dutch champion of the past year cannot extend her title!

    Melissa Wijfje rides to place 3, while Joy Beune (bronze last year) does not get further than place six.

    NK distances 43 minutes ago

    Ride 6

    - Antoinette de Jong and Jorien ter Mors show a very fast pace.

    Both open quickly, after which Ter Mors in particular seems to come to a standstill in the final phase.

    Ter Mors does set the fastest time: 1.55.50.

    NK distances one hour ago

    Stage 5

    - Marijke Groenewoud makes a strong impression and sets the best time: 1.57.52.

    Now the favorites are heading for the start.

    an hour ago

    NK distances one hour ago

    Ride 4

    - Irene Schouten shows that she is in excellent shape!

    Normally the long distances are her specialty, but despite a slow start she sets a great (and currently fastest) time: 1.57.68.

    NK distances one hour ago

    Ter Mors: 'I thought about stopping'

    In stage 6 we will soon see Jorien ter Mors again.

    The skater regularly thought about quitting last season, because she continued to suffer from her right knee that was operated in October 2018.

    “If you'd told me two years ago that it would take so long to recover from my surgery, I probably would have said, I'm not going to. But once you're in the middle of that process, it's hard to stop. And afterwards I am of course glad that I continued, because although that right knee will always remain a weak spot, I can now finally say that I can skate pain-free again. "

    NK distances one hour ago

    Ride 1

    - Aveline Hijlkema and Esther Kiel put the first time on the board.

    The fastest time is 1.59.53.

    NK distances one hour ago

    We go to the 1,500 meters of the women.

    Who was on the podium last year?

    Melissa Wifje, Ireen Wüst and Joy Beune.

    All three skaters are also present today and undoubtedly hope for a podium place.

    NK distances one hour ago

    The Zamboni prepares the ice for the 1500 meters for the women.

    Who will soon win the first title of the season?

    an hour ago

    NK distances one hour ago

    An overview of the top 5 based on the first round:

  • Dai Dai Ntab


  • Hein Otterspeer 


  • Kai Verbij


  • Lennart Velema


  • Merijn Schperkamp


  • NK distances one hour ago

    In case you wonder why the men skate a second round later in the afternoon?

     The KNSB decided in the summer, after years of lobbying by the sprinters, that for the first time since the 2015/2016 season, two 500 meters will be driven again at the national distance championships.

    At the World Championship distances and the Olympic Games, there is still only one 500 meters for the time being.

    NK distances one hour ago

    Stage 9

    - Kai Verbij does not reach Dai Dai Ntab's time, so the Amsterdammer remains in the lead.

    NK distances one hour ago

    Ride 8

    - The speeds are increasing towards 60 km / h and that indicates that the favorites are now on the screen.

    Dai Dai Ntab is the first to drive under 35 seconds, namely 24.82 seconds.

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    Ride 5

    - Twenty-year-old Merijn Scheperkamp drives his perfect 500 meters!

    With a personal best of 35.37 seconds, he currently sets the fastest time on the board.

    2 hours ago

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    Stage 4

    - There is Kjeld Nuis at the start!

    He faces Serge Yoro and both set a faster time than their six predecessors.

    Nuis turned out to be the fastest with a time of 35.40 seconds.

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    Ride 1

    - Joost van Dobbenburgh and Thijs Govers are the first on the ice, so the NK distances have now officially started!

    Van Dobbenburgh turned out to be the fastest of the two with a time of 36.17 seconds.

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    We will start in 5 minutes with the 500 meters for the men.

    In recent years, the podium places have always been divided among the same four people (Ronald Mulder, Dai Dai Ntab, Jan Smeekens and Kai Verbij), but this year that is guaranteed to change.

    Dai Dai Ntab and Kai Verbij are the only two attendees, because Jan Smeekens has now stopped and Ronald Mulder is absent due to a severe throat infection.

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    This afternoon Kjeld Nuis also comes into action in the 500 meters.

    The two-time Olympic speed skating champion has been on the ice for less than a week after his corona infection, but is still ready to give 'everything'.

    RACEDAY💚 Green Light!

    NK Distances!

    💪🏻Super happy that I can still start after all those weeks and privileged as a skater that we have been able to realize a NK in these bizarre times🙏🏻 @ Thialf


    Avatar Author Kjeld Nuis Moment of places 10:37 - 30 October 2020

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    The all-time medal classification on the NK distances:

  • Ireen Wüst: 38 total, 18 gold.

  • Christine Aaftink: 19 total, 12 gold.

  • Marianne Timmer: 31 total, 11 gold.

  • Renate Groenewold: 25 total, 10 gold.

  • Yvonne van Gennip: 14 total, 9 gold.

  • Carla Zijlstra: 14 in total, 9 gold.

  • Jorien ter Mors: 11 in total, 8 gold.

  • 2 hours ago

    NK distances 2 hours ago

    The all-time medal classification on the NK distances:

  • Sven Kramer: 31 total, 10 gold.

  • Gerard van Velde: 19 total, 12 gold.

  • Erben Wennemars: 31 total, 11 gold.

  • Rintje Ritsma: 18 in total, of which 11 gold.

  • Jan Bos: 24 in total, 10 gold.

  • Bob de Jong: 31 in total, 8 gold.

  • Kjeld Nuis: 14 total, 8 gold.

  • NK distances 2 hours ago

    In recent years it seems self-evident that Thialf is the battleground of the NK Distances, but only since 2008 (📸) has been held annually in Heerenveen.

    The edition for this took place on the ice rink in Assen.

    NK distances · 3 hours ago

    Due to the corona crisis, the stands in Thialf remain empty for the entire weekend.

    For the same reason, this weekend does not count as a qualifying moment for other matches, but only Dutch titles can be won.

    NK distances · 4 hours ago

    Today the skating season starts in Thialf!

    This is the program in Heerenveen this afternoon:

    1.10 pm:

     First 500 meters (m)

    1:50 pm:

     1,500 meters (f)

    2:44 pm:

     Second 500 meters (m)

    3:24 pm:

     5,000 meters (m)

    NK distances 6 hours ago

    The NK distances is the kick-off of an already unique skating season this afternoon.

    The corona pandemic has left empty stands in Thialf, fear of positive tests and uncertainty about the calendar, but the Dutch skaters are especially happy that competitions are still possible.

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