Italy's Corona 19 number of confirmed cases per day surpassed 30,000 for the first time.

Italian health officials said on the 30th local time that the number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 per day recorded 31,84.

It is the first time since the virus spread in February that the number of confirmed cases per day has reached 30,000.

Looking at the daily confirmed cases in the last few days, there were 17,000 people on the 26th, 21,994 on the 27th, 24991 on the 28th, and 26,831 on the 29th. People are increasing rapidly.

Starting on the 27th, it is breaking the record high every day.

The number of tests per day is 215,000, and the confirmation rate, which represents the ratio of the number of confirmed cases to the number of tests, recorded 14.45%, the highest since the start of the second outbreak last month.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Italy is 64,674, and the number of deaths has also increased to 38,321, with an additional 199.

Italy's National Institute for Higher Health, an agency specializing in infectious diseases, has expressed concern that the spread of the virus is rapidly worsening.

The Institute says more than half of Italy's 20 provinces are classified as high-risk areas with more than half of them.

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