According to the newspaper, the attackers, shouting "Allahu Akbar", damaged the font and the confessional.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, commenting on the incident, strongly condemned any form of extremism and intolerance.

According to the Kurier edition, the attack was recorded on a surveillance camera.

After the assistant pastor called the police, the attackers fled.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the country will continue its decisive struggle against "political Islam".

Alle Christen müssen in # Österreich frei und in Sicherheit ihren Glauben ausüben können!

Wir werden den Kampf gegen den politischen Islam entschieden weiterführen und hier keine falsche Toleranz zeigen.

Danke an alle Polizisten für ihren Einsatz!

- Sebastian Kurz (@sebastiankurz) October 30, 2020

Earlier, the French authorities ordered the embassies in other countries to strengthen security measures.

On October 29, three people were killed in an attack on parishioners in a church in central Nice.

According to the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, the crime was committed by a "radicalized Muslim", he was detained.

Two more knife attacks were prevented in Lyon and Avignon, according to media reports.