Even in protest near the French Embassy of Muslims in Japan Tokyo October 30, 19:22

In the Islamic world of the Middle East and Asia, the opposition from French President Emmanuel Macron over the caricature of Islamic prophets has increased, and on the 30th, in Tokyo, near the French embassy, ​​Japan Living Muslims held a protest demonstration.

On the afternoon of the 30th, about 300 Muslims living in Japan gathered near the French embassy in Minato-ku, Tokyo, holding placards saying "Don't buy French products" or "Shame on Macron". , Condemned the response of the French government.

A Pakistani man from Chiba Prefecture said, "The Prophet has been insulted and hurt. I want the French Embassy to know that."

President Emmanuel Macron said, "I will not give up the freedom to show caricatures," and showed his willingness to protect freedom of expression over the murder of a teacher who showed a caricature of an Islamic prophet to his students in France. Opposition is widespread in the Islamic world of the Middle East and Asia.

Tensions were rising in each country, such as a security guard being cut off at the French Consulate General in Saudi Arabia on the 29th, and many police officers were mobilized to warn the protest demonstration in Tokyo on the 30th. ..

Align Naim ul Gani, who hosted the protest demonstration, said, "Violence is not allowed, but this case is beyond freedom of expression and everyone is angry. It is necessary to understand each other's countries, cultures and religions. I was talking.