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restrictive measures

to stop


in the

Community of Madrid

do not stop increasing, as in the rest of the CCAA, and the confusion about what can and cannot be done, especially this

All Saints bridge

, is also growing exponentially among citizens.

Here, we solve some of the main questions so that you are clear about

which areas are confined

, at what


you can move around the region, if you can go to


or if it is allowed to spend the night with a


Can you leave or enter Madrid during the All Saints bridge?

No. The Community of Madrid established this Thursday the

perimeter closure

throughout the region from 00:00 this Friday to 00:00 on Tuesday, November 3.

I mean, right now,

you can neither leave nor enter

except for justified reasons.

justified reasons

They are going to a health center, to work, to study, to care for the elderly or dependent, to return to the habitual residence, administrative or judicial procedures that cannot be postponed or other causes of force majeure.

(All the details are


) Yes, you can go through the Community of Madrid if your final destination is outside of it and you come from unconfined regions and go to unconfined regions.

And will the same happen on the La Almudena bridge?

That is the intention of the Government of

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

, but the Executive of

Pedro Sanchez

will have to give you permission to

close perimeter

the community in the

La Almudena Bridge

as he has done this time.

We will have to be aware of the last hour (you can follow it


) next week to find out what decision is made about it.

And within Madrid, who can move freely now?

All those Madrilenians who do not live in some of the

basic health zones

confined by the regional government.

Until now,

they are 32

, but as of Monday

another three are added



and in the interactive map below you can consult all the

affected areas

Those residents who do not have


In their area they can move to those areas (whether in their municipality or another) where there are also no limitations, but they cannot enter those that are restricted.

They could only go through them as long as the final destination is not within them


And at night?

At night, things change.


has decreed a kind of


, backed by the central government, by which no one, confined or not, can go out without justification -such as, for example, going to a medical center, a pharmacy or work-

between 00:00 and 06:00 in the morning

Until a few days ago,


allowed to go out for a walk at this night as long as it was done with the cohabitants, but now the regional government has adapted the rules to the

state of alarm

decreed by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, and

does not allow any movement in the streets

in that strip.

What if I go to dinner at the house of a family member or friend and it gets late?

The Community does not now prohibit

social or family gatherings

overnight (this has also changed recently).

The ideal is to advance the dinner time to be at home at 00.00, but if it is late there is no rule that prevents you from spending the night at the home of a friend or relative.


about meetings is that they can be

a maximum of six people

, either inside a home or outdoors.

And that affects all the citizens of Madrid. Even so, the regional government insists that

leave home as little as possible

and those meetings are also reduced to contain the virus.

If I live in one of those 35 restricted areas, what can I and what can't I do?

Actually, you can lead a normal life but without leaving those areas for


that are not basic or of major cause.

That is, as we have detailed at the beginning, you can go out to work, to study, to take care of a minor or a dependent, to carry out administrative or judicial procedures that cannot wait or any other justification of serious cause.


within the perimeter of your area, you can move freely


What you could not, for example, is go to a shopping center, the cinema or a restaurant outside your area, nor go to visit a family member or friend who lives outside of it.

How long will these limitations remain active?

The restrictions have

a minimum duration of 14 days

, although depending on the evolution of the cases in each of the areas, the regional government could expand it another 14. Initially, in the 32 areas confined last Monday, the restrictions would end on November 8, and the three included this Friday, November 15.

And how do the restrictions in these confined areas affect the inn, commerce and other services?


bars and restaurants

They cannot admit clients after 11 pm, and the capacity inside and outside is limited to 50%.

In addition, it cannot be consumed as a bar.

Tables must be occupied by a maximum of six people.

business establishments

They also limit their capacity to 50% and the closing time is at 10.00 p.m., except in essential shops.The capacity is also limited to the same extent in

gaming and betting venues


places of worship

are limited to one third and


They can accommodate a maximum of 15 people outdoors and 10 indoors, whether or not they are living together.


non-regulated training and driving schools also limit their capacity to half, as do

sports facilities

, which can only increase it to 60% outside. In these areas, parks and gardens will be closed.

If I live in a confined area, can I go to the cemetery?

If the holy field is outside your

basic health zone

, the answer is no, unless they go to a



However, residents who are not confined will be able to go to cemeteries even if they are in areas with limitations, as is the case of

The Almudena


And are there limitations for the rest of Madrid who do not live confined?


The Community of Madrid announced last week a series of


, including the curfew we mentioned earlier.

And there is also


that affect the

hospitality, commerce and other services

that affect them indirectly.

And what are these limitations?

Throughout Madrid, the


It cannot open before 06.00 in the morning and has to close at 00.00.

It cannot admit clients after 11pm.

In addition, bar service is suspended and capacity is limited to 50% of its capacity at the indoor tables and 75% on the terraces.

Banquet capacity is also reduced to 50%.


They cannot open before 6:00 a.m. and must close at 10:00 p.m., with the exception of those that provide essential services, such as gas stations, pharmacies, medical establishments, veterinarians or other essentials.



Where there are cinemas, restaurants or entertainment, they may close at 00:00.

In all commercial activity, the capacity is limited to 75%.

cinemas, theaters, circuses, auditoriums and shows

The hours are also limited and at 00.00 they must be closed.

The capacity is limited in them to 75% and in

multipurpose rooms

, like the WiZink Center, at 40%.

betting shops

They are also limited to 50% capacity and cannot provide service from 00:00 to 06:00 in the morning.

sports facilities

they also have to adhere to that schedule.

The capacity in these cases is limited to 50% and the classes are limited to six people.

wakes and places of worship

they also restrict their capacity to 50% and

non-regulated training centers

, 60%.

university residences and colleges

must close at midnight, just like the

parks and gardens


Can they fine anyone who breaks the rules?

Yes. The Community of Madrid reminds each week that the penalties range between 600 and 600,000 euros.

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