• Massacre of Nice.

    Brahim Aoussaoui, identikit of the assailant who arrived on the boat in Lampedusa

  • Massacre of Nice.

    Brahim Aoussaoui's family: "He sent us a photo in front of the basilica"


By Salah Methnani

October 30, 2020 Once again the name of a Tunisian citizen is associated with a terrorist attack that brutally hits Europe.

After Mohamed Bouhlel, author of the Nice attack on 14 July 2016, Anis Amri who killed 12 in Berlin in November of the same year, a 21-year-old young man armed with a knife hits this time in the center of Nice, in the basilica of Notre-Dame.

While the French investigators are working to reconstruct the profile and the network of contacts of Brahim Aouissaoui, who was completely unknown until the day of the attack by the intelligence services, from the town of Tina, where the terrorist lived in the Sfax governorate, they begin to filter some information.

Some sources reached over the phone describe a profile that resembles many other young Tunisians, who suddenly took action without arousing suspicion.

Young people who were indoctrinated and quickly adopted the bloody ideology of the isis.

Brahim Al-Issaoui had become, according to what we were told by those who had known him before embarking on the Sicilian coast and then arriving in France, a practicing Muslim when he was 19 years old.

A gradual transformation in his behavior that would have led him at first to move away from alcohol and all sins and to strictly observe the 5 daily prayers in a neighborhood mosque.

A transformation that was not enough for the Tunisian authorities to register him as a potential terrorist.

He had worked for two years as a mechanic and with the money he had earned he set out on his own to sell contraband gasoline.

We know for now that he was in Bari on October 9, before disappearing into thin air about the path followed until the day of the attack.

The French investigators would have found 2 cell phones that belonged to the terrorist that could help to reconstruct the exact moment of his arrival in France and the people he had come into contact with.

According to the latest news, a 47-year-old was arrested in the night and entered in the register of suspects.

He would have had connections with the terrorist on the eve of the attack.

Meanwhile, a self-styled terrorist group of "Ansar Al Mahdi in Tunisia and in the Meghreb", which no one had ever heard of in the past, claimed responsibility for the attack on Nice with a video.