Expressen says author Jan Myrdal is dead.

The author was suspected of sepsis and was taken to hospital on Wednesday.

According to Aftonbladet, Myrdal died on Friday morning.

Lasse Diding, the founder of the club named after the author, confirms the death of Myrdal.

- Jan's condition had deteriorated in recent months.

He could no longer write, Diding says.

- He was very tired in recent weeks.

When he could no longer write, he lost his will to live.

Myrdal has written a dozen novels and at least as many travel reports.

He also worked as a translator and assisted various magazines.

During his successful career, Myrdal received several awards.

- He was a very notable Swedish writer.

At the same time, he was a politically controversial figure, says Victor Malm, editor of Expressen Kultuur.

In his worldview, Myrdal was a Maoist communist.

Malm believes that Myrdal had a great but very controversial influence on literature and Swedish social discourse.

- He was a complex and difficult figure, Malm says.

Myrdal was married to Andrea Gaytán Myrdal, but divorced from this in 2018. He has two children.