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The situation quickly escalated.

A 34-year-old man, living in Bron near Lyon, was arrested Thursday at lunchtime.

The individual was arrested for shooting a motorist during a dispute between road users, reports the Sûreté du Rhône.

He is suspected of having pulled out a revolver and of having fired several times in the direction of the victim without injuring her, she adds.

It all started with an overtaking on the A43 motorway, adds

Le Progrès


The 24-year-old victim began by passing the suspect, who was driving a van and driving in the middle lane.

Calls of headlights, chase, the situation is quickly tense.

The two men park on the emergency lane.

But the youngest decides to get back in his car in the face of the second's state of nervousness.

Frightened, the victim abandons his car

The affair could have ended there but the Brondillant does not let go.

He gets back into his van and follows the young man who takes the direction of Saint-Priest.

He ends up finding him in a parking lot to shoot him.

Frightened, the driver flees, abandoning his car.

Returning to the scene, "he found that his vehicle had been moved by the author and that the key had disappeared", continues the Sûreté du Rhône.

The suspect, spotted by CCTV cameras, was easily identified.

He presented himself to the police station on Thursday with the weapon and the key to the young man's car.

And acknowledged the facts with which he was accused.

He should go to immediate appearance this Friday afternoon.


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