Cross-country skiers are accustomed to taking care of their hygiene and avoiding crowds to avoid viral infections.

Now, due to the corona pandemic, endurance athletes are even more pedantic.

Norwegian cross-country star Johannes Hösflot Kläbo, 24, told VG magazine about his extremely precise precautions, which his girlfriend Pernille Dosvik also has to follow.

- I mostly just at home.

Sad to say, but Pern is forced to live like me.

It is not appropriate for him to go to school.

He is studying to be an engineer at NTNU University.

His line of study has been a case of coronavirus.

I can't take that risk, Kläbo said.

For the same reason, Kläbo admitted that he could not live with Dosvik if he did not follow the same precautions as the ski star.

Kläbo, who has dominated sprint trips in particular in recent seasons, has already won three Olympic and three World Championship golds despite his young age.

In the 2017–2018 World Cup season, Kläbo became the youngest ever overall winner of the Cup.

- The last thing I want is to get a coronavirus.

We don’t know how it affects the body in the long run.

The risk of traveling this season will be higher than before.

I assess the risk separately for each weekend, depending on where we are traveling, Kläbo announced.

To reduce the risk of infection, Kläbo does not physically meet his friends.

He has also reduced appointments with, for example, his physiotherapist, so time is spent mainly in training places and at home.

If Kläbo's partner meets his friends, Dosvik will then spend a few days with his parents to reduce the risk of Kläbo becoming ill.

- It hurts sometimes that I put others in a situation like this.

At the same time, however, I sincerely believe I need to be careful, Kläbo said.

The World Ski Cup is scheduled to start in Ruka on 27-29.