During the Corona era, Facebook has become a much more fun place.

People are once again taking part in the challenges of the whole world and sharing exhilarating updates - and Facebook has also brought new features.

In October, some giant opened a dating service that also operates in Finland.

Facebook Dating offers tracking based on, among other things, the user's interests.

Dating does not appear in the news feed, but the service will be introduced as a separate extension.

Facebook Dating allows, among other things, video calls with the match - and virtual dating can begin if both agree.

A similar feature has been introduced in Tinder.

Tinder's Face to Face service is currently only available in certain countries.

But why should Corona-era dating be limited to social media and match-finding on a cell phone?

We Women come up with new services that would suit the current couple search.

1. Color codes for meetings

Video calls are commonplace for many teleworkers.

Meetings could introduce a dress code that is familiar to some from school times, where it would be easy to communicate their relationship status in different colors - who wants to do so.

The reserved would wear red, for example, those looking for a green.

It would be a buzz for remote meetings, at least for Singles, when participants would be able to look “in that sense”.

2. Blind dates in pajamas

A “pajama date in Teams” or Meet or some other platform would work well as a follow-up format.

When enough people participate in virtual after jobs and the computer has been running programs for a day, it is almost certain that the web and with it the images will start to snippet.

So it doesn't hurt to have a holey home outfit or a nightgown on top, when these virtual dates go on a blind date anyway.

3. Masks of love

Single, busy or difficult to explain?

R-kiosks used to have single mug campaigns that could work better in the form of masks at the moment.

Who would be the first to develop a single mask?

The color codes would work well, or the s could be indicated by the letter s in the mask, for example.

I wish it was wonderful when masks could connect people and bring more love to the world.


 I wish it was wonderful when masks could connect people and bring more love to the world.

4. Single corner for movers

When the face then had that s-mask, it could act as a kind of entry ticket to different places.

If you are looking for a company and dare to show it in public, the train journey to the province would be faster in a single carriage.

5. Romance for shopping trips

Who else remembers grocery single baskets?

Yes, they should be re-introduced.

But why hasn’t any store yet launched singles ’own business hours?

For example, 9 pm to 10 pm would be a good time for a shopping trip for lonely people.

Safety intervals may slow down the acquaintance a bit, and you can't hang out in the store, but you would even enjoy the opportunity for romance while shopping.

The same type of single time would also be suitable for libraries, movies and exhibitions.

What do you think?

Would you like to make a video call to your match through the social service?

Or would you wear a single mask on your face?

Discuss this topic below.

If you have met your partner in an exceptional way during Korona and agree to an interview, send an email to annakaisa.vaaraniemi (a) sanoma.com