Three people killed in church attack President Macron "attack by terrorists" October 30, 5:01

In a church in southern France where three men were attacked by a knife and killed, President Macron said, "It is an attack by Islamic extremist terrorists," and added 4,000 soldiers to strengthen security at religious facilities and other facilities. Showed the idea of ​​mobilizing to.

On the 29th at a church in Nice, southern France, three men and women, including church officials, were attacked by a man with a knife and died, and the attacked man was shot by a police officer and injured and detained.

French media reports that the detainee was a Tunisian national in his twenties who recently entered France.

President Macron, who visited the scene about four hours after the incident, said, "It is an attack by Islamic extremist terrorists. We will stand together to stay close to the victims and protect their freedom of religion." He expressed his intention to mobilize 4,000 new soldiers to strengthen security such as.

In France, on the 16th of this month, when teaching students about freedom of expression, a male teacher who showed a caricature of an Islamic prophet had just been killed by a man with a knife. In response, we raised our alertness to terrorism to the highest level of the three levels.

After the incident, churches all over France rang the bells all at once to commemorate the victims and showed their willingness to succumb to terrorism.

Strong condemnation of the case in a joint statement by the leaders of 27 EU member states

Following a series of suspected terrorist attacks in France, the leaders of the 27 EU-European Union countries issued a joint statement on the 29th, "These attacks are attacks on the values ​​we share." I strongly condemned the case.

On top of that, the situation was calmed down, keeping in mind the case where security guards were cut at the French Consulate General in Saudi Arabia, saying, "Call on world leaders to work toward dialogue and understanding between religions rather than division." I asked you to try.