China News Service, Shijiazhuang, October 29 (Li Xiaowei) On the 29th, the "2020 Shijiazhuang·British International Biomedical Cutting-edge Project Docking Summit" was held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

At the meeting, three companies signed cooperation intentions with experts from the British biomedical industry, including projects such as "remote blood testing system", "hand-held measuring instrument", and "new early cancer detection".

  The conference was sponsored by Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau.

The conference adopted the form of "keynote speech + communication" by British biomedical industry experts and corporate executives to analyze the new trends in the development of biomedical science and technology, aiming to focus on the most cutting-edge biomedical science theories and technologies, and closely link the world's top The level of research on the industrialization of biomedicine will build a platform for exchanges and cooperation for biomedical researchers at home and abroad, and help Shijiazhuang biomedical technology research and development and the rapid development of the industry.

Five British biomedical industry experts shared and recommended projects.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  The conference invited 5 British biomedical industry experts, they were from the British National Health Service (NHS), Manchester Metropolitan University and other organizations and biomedical companies.

They carried out thematic academic sharing and cutting-edge project promotion around the international biomedical technology research and development and innovation, and jointly discussed the frontiers, prospects, opportunities and challenges of biomedical science and technology; and exchanged and interacted with representatives of on-site biomedical companies and medical and health workers , To answer questions about enterprise development and technological innovation.

  It is understood that this summit is an important part of the "2020 Shijiazhuang International Biomedical Technology Innovation and Development Series Activities". In addition to this project docking summit, it will also be held in November through special international forums and other forms of experts at home and abroad. Scholars and well-known companies establish close ties.