After a middle school teacher in France, another beheading terror occurred.

Yesterday (29th), a terrorist suspect, who killed three people in a cathedral in Nice, was found to be a 21-year-old Tunisian.

Reporter Choi Ho-won on the report.

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police who were surrounding the outside of the cathedral run in.

The body is then transferred to an ambulance outside the cathedral.

Yesterday, in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Nice, a seaside town in southern France, a man wield a weapon and three people, including the cathedral's manager, were killed.

One of them was beheaded.

The suspect was shot by the police and taken to the hospital. AFP reports that the suspect was a 21-year-old Tunisian.

According to the AFP, the man was deported after arriving on the Italian island of Lampeduza at the end of last month after being in COVID-19 quarantine.

The man was later reported to have arrived in France earlier this month.

France was shocked when another beheading terror occurred on the 16th, 10 days after a middle school teacher in Paris was beheaded by a Muslim young man.

[Emanuel Macron/President of France: Catholics or not, all religious events must take place. All of France will face terrorism with Catholics.] The

French government has decided to raise the level of terrorism to the highest level across the country and to deploy more than 7,000 military personnel in cathedrals and schools.

Meanwhile, in Tunisia, where suspects have come, protests have continued to condemn a satirical class on the Islamic prophet Muhammad held by a French teacher who died until recently.

US President Donald Trump tweeted that "the radical Islamic terrorist attack must be stopped immediately." "The United States will be with France, the oldest ally."