Until now, infection control in Västra Götaland has only used the region's right to introduce local restrictions in one way: family quarantine.

But after the rise in recent weeks, they are now tightening the restrictions further to remedy the spread of infection.

Everyone staying in the Västra Götaland region is encouraged to:

  • Refrain from staying in indoor environments such as shops, malls, museums, libraries, bathhouses and gyms.

    Necessary visits to, for example, grocery stores and pharmacies can be made.

  • Refrain from participating in, for example, meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches and competitions.

    However, this does not apply to sports training for children and young people born in 2005 or later.

  • If possible, avoid having physical contact with people other than those you live with.

    This means, among other things, a dissuasion from arranging or participating in a party or similar social gathering.

- It is increasing very sharply, and we must break it as fast as we can, says Thomas Wahlberg, infection control doctor in the Västra Götaland region at the Public Health Agency's press conference.

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