China News Agency, Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Gao Kai) Regarding the arrangements for the Bayi Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team to no longer participate in the CBA League and WCBA League in the future, the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Wu Qian responded in Beijing on the 29th.

  The Chinese Basketball Association announced on the 20th of this month that Bayi men’s and women’s basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA and WCBA leagues.

  The "China Basketball Association pays tribute to the Bayi Men's Basketball" announcement stated that the Chinese Basketball Association received a letter from the Military Sports Training Center of the Training Management Department of the Central Military Commission on October 19.

The letter stated that Bayi men's and women's basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA League and WCBA League in the future.

The Chinese Basketball Association has requested the relevant league management agencies to properly handle follow-up matters in accordance with regulations.

  Regarding this, Wu Qian said on the same day that in the near future, the Central Military Commission will deploy the adjustment and reform of the professional sports force of the whole army. Major changes will take place in the functional positioning, scale and structure, and participation methods of the August First Military Team.

  He introduced that in terms of functional positioning, further highlight the military attributes, change the development direction, and promote the transformation of military sports construction from the field-oriented to the troop-oriented; in terms of scale and structure, some professional teams with distinctive military characteristics are retained. Retain competitive sports teams with strong masses and rich social resources; in terms of participation methods, the military no longer participates in national comprehensive sports games and individual events, but participates in World Military Games and International Military Sports Council individual events.

  "The Bayi team is a glorious title, with excellent traditions and profound background. It has created brilliant records in domestic and foreign competitions and made important contributions to the development of sports in my country. It is a fond memory of several generations of Chinese. Pay tribute to the military and sports officers and soldiers. At the same time, I believe that this team will definitely make new achievements and make new achievements in the new journey of transformation and reshaping." Wu Qian said.