Leksands IF announced on Thursday that its practice and matches have been canceled until 6 November.

The team’s next match day is scheduled for November 10th.

The club announced on Tuesday that its men’s representative team found the first coronavirus infections.

Those players are properly isolated, Leksand announced.

Earlier, Korona had hit Leksands IF’s junior and women’s teams.

The Finnish players representing Leksand are goalkeeper Janne Juvonen and striker Otto Paajanen.

No player from Leksand's team was selected for the Karelia tournament, which will be played in Helsinki on November 5-8.

There were eight selected for the women's, boys' and girls' national team positions, including the Female Lions' Eveliina Suonpää.

In addition to Leksand, the matches of Linköping, Luleå and Djurgården - and of course their opponents - have had to be postponed from SHL's clubs.

SHL matches have had to be postponed to dates different from the original match calendar for the time being 14.

Luleå has temporarily pushed his activities down like Leksand.