The Football Veikkausliiga made a tough decision on Thursday and decided to end the season with 22 matches in the regular season.

The final series of five match rounds will therefore not be played.

The decision leaves the qualifier in the awkward position of the Turku Ball Club on site.

TPS is five points behind IFK Mariehamn above, with both teams having two matches left and six league points in the division.

With the decision, TPS's chances of suffering from safety decreased significantly, but the club's CEO Janne Kytölä calmly accepted the decision.

- We are living with that decision now, there was probably a good solution in this situation.

The main thing that some decision came, and now we know what's going on, Kytölä, who was reached by phone, told IS.

The decision was to be expected in Turku, although in the summer it was decided to play the series in its entirety and on Wednesday the Veikkausliiga was of the opinion that it wanted to play the final series as planned.

However, the situation changed on Wednesday night, when four players from the Rovaniemi Ball Club were quarantined due to the mass exposure of Ounasvaara High School.

- The situation has changed so much since it was decided to play the series completely in the summer that the decision was quite awaited in the final games.

There have been so many infections lately that it would have been difficult to get the final series through on a reasonable schedule, Kytölä said.

If the place of the Veikkausliiga qualifier is still open, then the situation in Ykkönen is much more complicated.

For the series, a decision is awaited as to whether the series will be played to completion, whether some games will not be played, or whether the series will end here.

AC Oulu, KTP and Jaro play from the places of ascendant and qualifier.

KTP would have three more matches left, Oulu and Jaro two.

Kytölä wonders whether it is safe to play qualifiers.

- This situation is pretty tough.

After all, even those teams that are eligible for a coronation risk are in the same way as they are currently in Veikkausliiga and Ykkönen.

The situation is so absurd, what if there are infections during the qualifiers?

However, TPS is not yet ready to declare itself a qualifier.

There is a small piece of line left, but direct survival is still possible.

- Six points still to be awarded.

There are opportunities as long as there are games.

The people of Turku have matches left on Saturday against SJK and on Wednesday against KuPS at home.

Due to IFK Mariehamn's clearly better goal difference, direct survival would probably require a win from both and IFK's losses to HJK and Haka.