According to the company, a total of ten people will be prosecuted.

In addition, the prosecutor is demanding a maximum Community fine of EUR 850,000 for Nokian Tires.

In May 2017, the Financial Supervisory Authority issued a request for an investigation in which it wanted to find out whether Nokian Tires had failed to comply with its disclosure obligations and whether certain employees of the company had used inside information in securities trading.

A total of six people suspected of securities market crimes, who worked in the company in 2015–2016.

They are the then CEO and members of the Board of Nokian Tires.

According to Nokian Tires' press release, the prosecutor has decided to prosecute these individuals.

The prosecutor has also decided to prosecute four people who were employees of Nokian Tires in 2015.

They are also suspected of misusing inside information.

According to Nokian Tires, all the accused deny that they have committed the crime.

The company states that it will not comment on the matter.