Overseas Network, October 29. Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party authorities frequently used excuses to "cross the border" to savagely evict mainland fishing boats and other vessels, triggering public opinion lashes.

On the 25th, a Taiwanese netizen said that seeing a large number of mainland ships almost encircling Matsu Island, Taiwan’s administrative agencies were dissatisfied with this and clamored for “amending the law” to increase punishment.

  According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News," Li Zhongwei, the "Chairman of the Ocean Commission" of the Taiwan authorities, clamored on the 28th that Taiwan’s administrative agency will pass the so-called "Exclusive Economic Seas and Continental Reef Law" and "Soil and Rock Adoption Law" today (29th). The draft of the "Amendment Law" threatened to add relevant penalties and increase penalties for related acts, with a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment and a fine of up to NT$80 million (about 18.83 million yuan).

It is reported that Taiwan’s “Maritime Patrol Agency” has frequently taken inhumane actions against mainland fishing boats and other vessels. According to statistics from this department, from last year to the end of September this year, the Matsu “Marine Patrol” boarded and inspected 6 mainland sand pumping vessels, confiscated fines and auctioned off. The amount is as high as NT$149.8 million (approximately RMB 32.03 million), and the administrative fine has reached 7 million yuan (approximately RMB 1.49 million). Various behaviors have caused controversy in public opinion.

  On October 25, Matsu netizens reported on the Internet that they saw a large number of mainland ships almost encircling Matsu Island.

This incident was confirmed by Taiwan’s “Marine Patrol Team”, stating that these mainland ships are all sand pumps, which are very rare, and Taiwan’s law enforcement ships have nothing to do at the scene.

Subsequently, Taiwan's "Marine Patrol Agency" stated that the mainland sand pumping vessel had not "crossed the boundary."

"Chairman of the Ocean Commission" Li Zhongwei admitted in the legislature's inquiry that the mainland fishing boats should be affected by the northeast monsoon and the walrus was not good on the day, and the mainland sand pumping ships would be transferred to the vicinity of Matsu. At present, it seems that there is no military attempt.

However, he still clamored that once a (continental sand pumping ship) is found in restricted waters, it will be strongly driven away and jointly contained through cross-strait mechanisms...Marine patrols will also increase law enforcement energy.


  Regarding the recent reports of a large number of mainland sand pumping ships near Matsu Nangan, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that I do not understand the specific situation you mentioned.

The people of Taiwan will have such associations or worries. Isn't this caused by the constant provocations by the DPP authorities and the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces that have caused tension and complexity in the Taiwan Strait?

  Earlier, Taiwan media reported on the so-called "cross-border" fishing by mainland fishing boats. It has become a common tactic of the DPP authorities to take actions against mainland fishing boats under the pretext of "cross-border". On October 23, more than 20 mainland fishing boats were forcibly driven away by Taiwan patrol units due to strong winds of 7 to 10, hoping to enter the islands near Penghu for shelter. Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that over the years, the mainland has set up reception stations and reception points for Taiwanese fishermen in many coastal areas to provide assistance to Taiwan fishing boats and fishermen for sheltering, supply, and emergency rescue. In contrast, the inhumane practice of the relevant authorities in Taiwan to savagely drive away the fishing boats from mainland China is very outraging. (Overseas Net Yang Jia)