“What or where is this long-term settlement?

Finding a balance of interests that would suit both sides: both the Azerbaijani people, to whom we treat with constant respect, and the interests of the Armenian people, ”the head of state said at a meeting of the VTB Capital investment forum“ Russia is calling! ”

According to him, the conflict must be resolved so that people feel safe, but at the same time conditions for the effective development of the territories would be created.

He stressed that among the priority steps is to stop hostilities, sit down at the negotiating table and find a consensus on the basis of the proposals of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Earlier, the Kremlin, commenting on the agreement reached in the United States on a humanitarian truce, noted that the settlement cannot be used for rivalry or competition.

On the morning of October 26, after the start of the ceasefire, both sides accused each other of violating the terms of the agreements reached.