New Corona Infected 44.7 million people worldwide 1.17 million dead (3 am on 30th) 4:34 on October 30

According to a summary by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of people confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus was 44,708,172 worldwide as of 3:00 am on the 30th of Japan time.

In addition, 1,177,077 people have died.

Countries with many infected people

The highest number of infected people is

▽ America with 8,897,402 people,

followed by

▽ India with 8,040,203 people,

▽ Brazil with 5,468,270 people,

▽ Russia with

1,570,446 people,


▽ France with 1,282,215 people.

Country with many dead

The largest number of people died was

228,143 in the United States,

followed by

158,456 in Brazil,

120,527 in India,

90,309 in Mexico, and

45,765 in the United Kingdom. It has become.