By Michela Coricelli

October 29, 2020 A mixed start for Wall Street, with the Dow Jones down by almost half a point and the Nasdaq up by 0.54%.

An opposite reaction to the data of the last quarter in which the American GDP leaps forward by 33%, beyond analysts' expectations.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the stock markets are getting worse.

The long-awaited rebound - after yesterday's thuds - fails.

Milan gives almost a point and a half and is still black jersey.

Also heavy in Paris at -1.22%, worsened after the attacks.

London and Frankfurt are also three-quarters of a point down.

In Piazza Affari the worst title is Tenaris, down by more than five and a half points.

Oil prices plummet.

Amplifon is brilliantly saved on the Ftse Mib at + 2%.

After the decisions of the ECB - which leaves rates unchanged at zero and "opens" to new stimulus measures in December - the euro retreats and trades at 1.1691 against the dollar.