, Kuala Lumpur, October 29 (Reporter Chen Yue) The 2020 "Beautiful Ancient City Surprise Nanjing" graphic contest jointly organized by Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cultural Center and Nanjing Tourism (Southeast Asia) Promotion Center announced the awards on the 29th.

Malaysian professional accountant Wu Zhixiong stood out with "Nanjing Old Door East" and won the first prize.

  Although affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this "cloud tourism" graphic contest still attracts Malaysian people to actively participate, using photos and text to reflect their good impression of Nanjing.

Due to the large number of participants and the frequent appearance of excellent works, the organizer finally added 10 special prizes in addition to a total of 6 first, second and third prizes and 50 winning prizes.

  Wu Zhixiong’s first prize works reflect the beauty of Nanjing’s Old Alley. He also wrote, “When the old street is integrated with modern commerce, the oldness reveals fashion, and the tranquility does not lose its prosperity. You have experienced such an old door. ?"

  According to Zhang Jiexin, director of the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cultural Center, the entries include Nanjing’s historical sites, cultural landscapes, social customs, and cultural customs. Participants come from all walks of life in Malaysia.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic and the movement control order, the organizer will issue prizes and certificates to the winners by mail and email.

He said that the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cultural Center will continue to organize various cultural and tourism activities to let more Malaysians understand China and better promote the friendly relations between the people of China and Malaysia.

  Li Zhongping, representative of Nanjing Tourism (Southeast Asia) Promotion Center, said that the competition aroused enthusiastic response in Malaysian society and fully demonstrated the enthusiasm and yearning of the Malaysian people for Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.

It is hoped that after the epidemic, Nanjing Tourism can carry out more kinds of promotion activities to attract more Malaysians to Nanjing for tourism, sightseeing and inspection, so as to promote the friendly exchanges between Malaysians and Nanjing.