The inquiry was made by the British Commission for Equality and Human Rights, EHRC, and was published on Thursday.

According to the investigation, there must have been cases of harassment and discrimination when Corbyn was party leader for Labor, writes Sky News.

"In light of his comments and his inability to withdraw them later, the Labor Party is closing down Jeremy Corbyn pending investigation," a Labor spokesman said.

Three offenses

According to the investigation, Labor has violated the law in three areas:

• The party has mixed politics in reports of anti-Semitism

• It has failed to offer adequate training to those who handle the applications

• Harassment has occurred against the person who submitted the reports

During the period that the investigators examined, 23 cases of political interference were discovered from Jeremy Corbin's staff or others within the party, writes Sky News.


Corbyn accepted the inquiry and said that Jewish members have the right to demand that Labor address anti-Semitism and that he regrets that the change work has taken so long.

But he also adds:

- The scale of the problems is also dramatically magnified for political reasons by our opponents within and outside the party.

Labor has until 10 December to deliver a plan for how the party will implement the inquiry's proposals for measures.

"He has the ultimate responsibility"

The head of the investigation, Alasdair Henderson, says that not all blame can be placed on a single person, but that it was Jeremy Corbyn who led the party during the period that the EHRC examined.

"As a party leader, and with evidence of political interference from within his staff, he has the ultimate responsibility for these problems," says Henderson.