HJK's head coach Toni Koskela is pleased that the final program of the season is now clear.

On Thursday, the Veikkausliiga announced the end of the season for the regular season.

- The decision - whether it was one way or the other - is a relief, because the uncertainty has been the worst here, Koskela said.

Initially, the top and bottom finals had to be played in the Veikkausliiga, which would have meant five full extra rounds after the regular season.

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The last round of the regular season has already had to be postponed due to confirmed coronavirus infections in various clubs recently.

With these prospects, the round will be played next Wednesday, November 4th.

Due to the latest corona quarantines in the league, the final series would not have started until November 19th.

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Matching the five final series rounds to the given time window (set an absolute deadline for the season on November 30) would have drawn tight - in addition, the risk of new corona infections lives on all the time.

- My personal opinion is that in the current (Korona) situation it would have been unrealistic to play another seven games.

In addition, the point will be lived in November, the weather may change quickly, and the lawns will begin to be in poor condition, Koskela said.

HJK's head coach Toni Koskela. Photo: Kalle Koponen

The coach also recalled the health risks associated with sports.

- Players would have been required a lot.

They would have had to play seven matches in 21 days.

It would be time for execution to be able to pull them through.

The people of Helsinki have been training hard in recent weeks.

They were prepared for the season to continue deep into November.

Despite good practice, the game congestion would have hit.

- The risk of injury would have increased, and in the worst case, someone could have been seriously injured.

A player may have a contract coming to an end and if he is badly injured, it could have a significant impact on his work situation.

The decision to end the season in the regular season made HJK an even clearer champion favorite.

The club leads the series by three points to KuPS.

It has two matches left, KuPS one.

In addition, HJK's goal difference is 17 goals better than Kuopio's.

- In theory, of course, everything is still possible, but of course we are in a good position, Koskela said.

HJK can secure their championship on Sunday in a away match against IFK Mariehamn.

That's enough gold for a point match.

- When 22 games are played in the regular season, everyone has faced each other twice.

There has been a lot to accommodate this season.

Based on the most important indicator, ie the league table, we have a clear advantage, and according to Instat's statistics, for example, we have clearly been the strongest team, Koskela said.

TPS, who is on the qualifier site, still has a small chance to improve his ranking.

RoPS is definitely a league jumbo team.