China News Agency, Paris, October 29 (Reporter Li Yang) France encountered multiple attacks in one day on the 29th, of which the attacks in Nice were the most serious, causing many casualties.

Officially, the anti-terrorism alert level in the whole law has been raised to the highest level.

On October 29, local time, a knife attack occurred in the southern French city of Nice.

The picture shows the police separating the onlookers from the scene of the incident.

  A knife attack occurred in the southern French city of Nice on the 29th, killing 3 people and injuring many others.

The assailant has been captured by the police.

Esterosi, the mayor of Nice, pointed out that the incident was a terrorist attack.

The French National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office has launched further investigations.

  The identities of the victims and assailants of the Nice attack have been basically investigated.

The victims were two women and a man, aged between 45 and 60 years old.

The attacker was from Tunisia, born in 1999, and entered France from Italy earlier this month.

  The French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was attacked on the 29th. A consular security guard was injured in the attack but was not life-threatening. The attacker has been arrested.

On the same day, in the southern French city of Avignon, a man threatened a police officer who was patrolling with a knife and was killed by the police.

It is not clear whether there is a correlation between the multiple attacks that occurred that day.

  French President Macron went to the scene of the Nice attack to check the situation and delivered a speech.

He condemned the terrorist attack in Nice and said that France will continue to fight terrorism.

He said he would send more soldiers to strengthen the protection of religious sites and schools.

Macron called on the people to stay united.

  French Prime Minister Castel announced that the anti-terrorism alert level in the whole law will be raised to the highest level.

In his speech at the French National Assembly, he said that the response measures the French government will take will be resolute and timely.

French Interior Minister Dalmanin also called for strengthening the security of religious sites.