China News Service, October 29. According to Euronet, the European Union News Agency reported on the 29th that as the weather turns cooler, Italy has officially entered a period of high influenza in autumn and winter.

In recent days, the country’s flu patients have increased significantly. Some flu patients have gone to the emergency room of the hospital because they can’t distinguish the difference between flu and the new crown. This not only adds new pressure to the heavily-stressed medical system, but also makes the hospital a cluster of new crowns. High infection area.

  Palermo, the head of the Italian Doctors’ Union, warned that there is a severe shortage of medical resources in many places in Italy, and emergency rooms are overcrowded, including many patients with seasonal flu.

  The director of the Italian National Health Institute Brusafero pointed out that the second wave of epidemics is different from before. The high-incidence areas of the country’s first round of epidemics are mainly concentrated in the northern region. Now the epidemic has spread across all regions, and it is at the time of seasonal influenza. During the high-incidence period, this also adds new difficulties to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the treatment of patients.

  According to statistics from the Italian health department, from the beginning of winter to Christmas in 2019, there were approximately 1.36 million influenza patients in the country. Among them, 247,000 were infected during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and the number of influenza patients exceeded 6 million throughout the year. .

Experts said that this year does not rule out a large number of cases of influenza and new crown superinfection.

  In response to the current situation, the Italian Ministry of Health reminds that if you have a cold or mild symptoms of suspected new crown infection, you should not call the emergency center or go directly to the hospital for treatment unless necessary. Instead, you should contact your family doctor in time or call the medical system hotline for consultation and guidance. In order to reduce the probability of co-infection of the new crown and influenza in the crowded environment of the emergency room.

(Huang Xin)