The SAS plane that was to go to Stockholm from Landvetter on June 30 this year was delayed.

This is because two people on the flight refused to sit down - even though the seatbelt lamp was on and the doors were closed.

Read aloud alternately

Instead, they remained in the aisle, reading aloud prepared texts for about five minutes.

This was part of a demonstration against the aviation industry and its impact on the climate.

The airline is suing the activists

The two who defied the calls to put were two men, one in his 40s and one in his 70s.

They were eventually taken away from the plane by guards and followed without protest.

SAS is now suing them for violations of the Civil Aviation Act and the case will be taken up in Gothenburg District Court.

In the clip, you see what it looked like at Landvetter Airport the day the demonstration took place.

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Hear the climate activists outside Landvetter airport about why they stopped the flight.

Photo: SVT