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A total of 2,384 COVID-19 patients in the hospital

Currently, a total of 2,384 COVID-19 patients are admitted to the hospital.

This is evident from the new figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

Of these, 1,831 patients are in the regular nursing wards.

There are currently 533 COVID-19 patients in intensive care, 2 of whom are in Germany.

That's eight more than Wednesday.

2 hours ago

Corona figures were delayed due to overloaded GGD program

Too many source and contact researchers who used the same program for their work at the same time caused a breakdown in the computer systems of the regional health services yesterday, the umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland said.

Due to the outage, the daily figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) were released hours later than usual on Wednesday.

According to the GGD, this is a different type of malfunction than that of Saturday.

If someone is tested for the corona virus, the result will be put in a program of the GGDs.

That data goes to the source and contact investigators, who notify people of a positive test.

They then ask the people where they became infected, with whom they have recently had contact and whether they work in healthcare, for example.

That information will be stored in another program, and that is the data that will be sent to RIVM.

According to the GGD, Saturday's outage occurred when the connection between the first program (CoronIT) and the second program (HPZone) was lost.

As a result, the researchers were not given any new orders to call people.

2 hours ago

Travel industry

quickly clarified about voucher bank

The travel industry will receive


from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) in November about the creation of a so-called voucher bank, a spokesperson told NU.nl.

The credits of the travel vouchers can then be paid out from this 'bank'.

According to the ANVR, it now concerns hundreds of millions of euros in vouchers that consumers have received to compensate for their canceled holiday.

When the travel industry had to cancel mass travel as a result of the corona crisis, the holiday vouchers were created.

Consumers could use these at a later date to book a new holiday.

"People can hardly or hardly book travel now," said the ANVR.

2 hours ago

3 hours ago

Disneyland Paris will temporarily close its doors again due to stricter corona measures in France.

The park hopes to reopen at the end of December.

In line with latest direction from the French authorities, Disneyland Paris will be closing end of day on October 29th.

If you have a booking with us during the above-mentioned periods, please check our website for our latest commercial conditions: https://t.co/dQpr0tU5Y9


Avatar Author Disneyland Paris ENMoment of places10: 49 - October 29, 2020

3 hours ago

French children must wear masks at school

Young French children must also wear masks at school.

These are students aged six and older, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced.

He said in the French Parliament that new efforts are needed to "protect our children, teachers and parents".

Young people of eleven years and older had to wear masks in France for some time.

In the country, a new, nationwide lockdown starts at midnight.

Catering establishments and many other businesses have to be closed, but schools will remain open this time.

Prime Minister Castex said companies will be encouraged to let employees work from home "five days a week".

3 hours ago

Merkel warns against harsh winter months

Germany is in danger of ending up in a "dramatic situation", according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In a speech on Thursday, she pointed out that healthcare will become overburdened by the increasing number of corona cases.

The number of new infections has "skyrocketed", she says.

"At this rate, our intensive care units will be overloaded in a few weeks," Merkel said.

"We are in a dramatic situation at the start of the winter season."

She talked about four long tough months, but said that too will come to an end.

On Wednesday it was decided that Germany would be partially locked for a month.

Bars and restaurants will be closed until the end of November, as will fitness studios, theaters and cinemas.

The past 24 hours there was again a record number of new corona infections.

According to the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, no fewer than 16,774 new cases were added.

4 hours ago

Shell returns to profit

Shell again

posted black figures

in the third quarter


While the group still suffered a loss of USD 18.1 billion (more than EUR 15.4 billion) in the second quarter, the company posted a profit of USD 489 million in the past quarter.

Nevertheless, profit was still 92 percent lower than in the same period last year.

At the end of September, Shell announced that it would cut seven thousand to nine thousand jobs worldwide.

The concern wants to save costs in this way because of the corona crisis.

4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Record number of infections in Russia, mainly reports from Moscow

The number of registered infections in Russia has increased by 17,717 to 1,581,693.

Never before has the daily figure been so high.

Of the reported infections, 4,906 come from Moscow.

In addition, authorities report 366 new corona-related deaths.

The official death toll thus rises to 27,301.

5 hours ago

Record number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals

Belgian hospitals are facing an unprecedented influx of corona patients.

According to health institute Sciensano, 5,924 hospital beds have been occupied by people infected with the virus, the largest number since the start of the pandemic.

During the first wave of the corona outbreak in Belgium, the number of patients admitted peaked at 5,759.

More than 368,000 corona infections have been diagnosed in Belgium since the start of the pandemic.

The virus seems to be spreading faster in recent weeks.

Between 19 and 25 October, an average of 14,356 new infections came to light every day.

During that period, an average of 69 people died a day.

According to official figures, a total of more than eleven thousand patients have died of the virus in Belgium so far.

6 hours ago

An estimated 10,000 reports every day via the CoronaMelder app

The CoronaMelder app sends an estimated 10,000 reports to people in the Netherlands every day.



writes this 

 on the basis of information from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

Ron Roozendaal, who is responsible for the corona app at the ministry, says that a small part of these reports are about exposures outside the distance of 1.5 meters.

About 20 percent of the reports indicate a distance between 1.5 and 3 meters, and in "a few dozen cases" it will be people who are even further away from a corona patient.


Pro Shots


6 hours ago

Is the Red Team right and should the Netherlands follow the German corona policy?

According to the Red Team, the cabinet must tighten up the corona policy, taking countries such as Germany and Denmark as an example.

NU.nl spoke with Red Team member Wim Schellekens and two experts who are not among them.

Why should a policy like that of Germany be beneficial for the Netherlands, while our eastern neighbors also have to be in a partial lockdown?

Read on 



6 hours ago

12,977 new corona infections in the Czech

Republic The


Republic reports that an additional 12,977 corona infections have come to light.

In addition, the death toll has risen by 128 to 2,674.

With 1,448 corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the Czech Republic is currently the most affected country of all EU Member States, according to statistics from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

The daily figures from the past two weeks have been used for this calculation.

Belgium is in second place in the list with 1,424 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

6 hours ago

7 hours ago

Another record number of corona infections found in Germany

In Germany, a record number of new corona infections was again found last 24 hours.

According to the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, there are no fewer than 16,774 new cases. 

This brings the total number of positive tests in Germany to 481,013.

In the past 24 hours, another 89 deaths from the coronavirus were recorded, bringing the official death toll to 10,272.

Yesterday the Federal government and the states announced strict measures from November to contain the second wave.

From Monday, Germany will be partly locked again.

The catering industry, the cultural sector and sports facilities are severely restricted.

Social contacts are also severely curtailed.




8 hours ago

India passes eight million corona infections

In India, the counter of total corona infections on Thursday passed eight million.

In the past 24 hours, 49,881 new positive tests were reported, bringing the total to 8,040,203.

The country has the most infections worldwide after the United States.

In the US, the total stands at about 8.9 million. 

The number of new infections daily has decreased since its peak in September, but experts fear a new peak during the upcoming holiday season.

8 hours ago

The way out of the corona crisis: what can rapid tests contribute?

In a new section, we highlight weekly developments that (could) contribute to the way out of the corona crisis.

Last week it was announced that the government will set up seven large rapid test streets.

But what does that actually benefit us?

Read on 






12 hours ago

Colombia extends measures until the end of November

Colombia is extending the corona measures until the end of November.

This keeps the country in what it calls "selective quarantine", which allows for food in restaurants and international flights.

This phase was introduced after a strict lockdown that took effect in March.

However, the Colombian authorities are calling on residents to avoid crowded places, to prevent outbreaks "like in Europe".

12 hours ago

Spanish regions locked during All Saints 'Day

Five Spanish regions, including Madrid, announced on Wednesday that they will be locked during the long weekend of All Saints' Day.

During that weekend, Spaniards often go out. 

Madrid closes its borders until after the weekend.

Regions of Castile, León, Castile-La Mancha, Andalusia and Murcia will remain closed until November 9.

This means that no one is allowed in or out, except people who have to go to the doctor or go to work.

12 hours ago

The most important corona news from Wednesday, October 28, the


  • The GGDs


    8,123 positive corona tests

    between Tuesday and Wednesday


    , but that number is

    not complete


    The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) was again hit by a

    technical malfunction on


    , as a result of which some of the figures have not yet been processed.

    It is not clear how many reports still need to be registered.

  • Currently,

    2,376 corona patients are treated

    in hospitals, according to new figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

    That is eighteen more than yesterday, the smallest increase since October 17.

  • Ernst Kuipers, the chairman of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ), said on Wednesday during the technical briefing in the Lower House that we are "close to" the scenario that

    only acute care




  • Minister

    Sigrid Kaag

    (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) of D66 has been in


    since Wednesday


    The minister has no complaints, but has been in contact with someone infected with the corona virus.

  • The first

    test streets


    corona rapid tests



    at the end of November

    , writes Minister Hugo de Jonge.

    Ultimately it concerns 25 new test locations.


  • For the first time on Tuesday, more than

    half a million

    new coorona infections were registered in one day



  • French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that


    will go into lockdown again from Friday to prevent the spread of the corona virus.



    will last until December 1 at least.

  • Due to the increasing number of corona infections,

    catering establishments, gyms and theaters



    will have to close for at least a month from Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel

    announced on


  • A record number of corona patients who have died has been registered



    for the second day in a row.

    In the past 24 hours, there were 450 corona-related deaths, 100 more than the record set yesterday.

    Since the start of the pandemic, 33,714 corona patients have died in Iran.

  • The


    Deputy Prime Sophie Wilmès may leave intensive care, but still remains in the hospital.

    Wilmès, who was the prime minister of Belgium last month, announced on October 17 that he had tested positive for the corona virus.

    A few days later she was hospitalized.

12 hours ago

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