Earlier, Robert O'Brien, Assistant to the American President for National Security, said that the United States, if necessary, is ready to deploy intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe to "contain" Russia.

"Such intentions threaten to imbalance regional and global security and lead to an increase in confrontational potential," Antonov commented on this statement on the Russian embassy's Facebook page.

According to the Russian ambassador, if the US is really interested in "real arms control", then there is no need to escalate the missile arms race in Europe.

Antonov considers the proposal of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to de-escalate the situation around the INF Treaty as constructive.

“This initiative concretizes our last year's call to NATO countries to declare (following Russia) a moratorium on the deployment of ground-based INF, which would be supported by mutual verification measures,” the diplomat said.

Earlier in the Russian Foreign Ministry, he called on NATO countries to carefully study the proposal of the Russian president on intermediate and shorter-range missiles.

On October 26, the Russian leader said that Russia was ready not to deploy 9M729 missiles in the European part of the country, subject to reciprocal steps from the North Atlantic Alliance.