44 US Presidential Election Newspapers Support Biden Support Trump Increases to 6 Companies October 30 4:19

Of the American newspapers, 44 have expressed their support for Mr. Biden in the presidential election, more than six of President Trump, but the number of companies that support President Trump has increased from the previous election. I understand.

In the United States, it is customary for newspaper companies to state in editorials which candidates they support in the presidential election, and the University of California, Santa Barbara surveyed 100 companies.

According to it, as of the 28th, 44 companies such as "Washington Post" support Mr. Biden of the Democratic Party, of which "New York Times" "Mr. Biden is a divided country and values Will share and bring the country together. "

In addition, the Texas local newspaper "Austin American Statesman", which did not express support last time, said, "President Trump is attacking our democracy and will be destroyed if re-elected." Is shown.

On the other hand, there are 6 newspaper companies including "New York Post" that support Republican President Donald Trump, an increase of 4 from the previous time.

Of these, Boston Herald, who did not express support last time, said, "President Trump has considered the United States first in the fields of trade, defense, and economy. He has the ability to bring the United States back to the front of the pandemic. There is. "

In addition, the "Spokesman Review" that supported Mr. Clinton of the Democratic Party last time criticized that "President Trump divides the country and lacks dignity," but he is "better than Mr. Biden in economic policy and security measures." I have evaluated it.