China News Service, Xiamen, October 29th (Reporter Yang Fushan) A pioneering art exhibition that is very different from traditional art exhibitions, quietly appeared in Xiamen on the 29th: multimedia artworks using medical images as creative methods enter every display space In the corner, the ink painting projected on the wall shows the perspective effect of X-ray film.

Is this solo exhibition cool enough?

  On the same day, contemporary artist Lin Wencai's first solo exhibition in Xiamen-"Substitute: Symptom Imaging" multimedia art exhibition, opened in Xiamen Junhao Club Lanlanli Medical Aesthetics Center L? LAB Art Space, which attracted the attention of art lovers.

The staff of the exhibition hall introduced the solo exhibition works.

Photo by Yang Fushan

  In the exhibition hall, reporters from were attracted by a large-scale real-time interactive installation "Stand-in".

The staff of the exhibition hall, Ms. Huang, said that the exhibition will exhibit 7 installations, videos and interactive works, more than 10 ink works and manuscripts, and an immersive space, allowing viewers to read through immersive participation and interactive imaging. About the symptoms of "Stand-in".

One of the solo exhibition works.

Photo by Yang Fushan

  "Post-80s" artist Lin Wencai graduated from the Experimental Art School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His artistic creation has a diverse range of fields including multimedia interaction, installation, painting, and video.

This exhibition focuses on the artist's artistic creation based on medical imaging as a creative medium from 2017 to 2020-from the interdisciplinary research of medical imaging to the process of experimentation and creation in various media.

One of the solo exhibition works.

Photo by Yang Fushan

  The staff of the exhibition hall told the reporter that the reason why the artist chose the direction of medical imaging was due to the experience of witnessing his 2-year-old niece finally passing away due to illness.

The medical image left by the niece became a "stand-in" for a lost life in the world.

  The artist sorts out the concept of body generated by medical images and creates experimental works of art based on this, hoping to think about how the human body as an object is imaged, divided, processed, interpreted and reconstructed in modern medical society.

Young artist Lin Wencai explained his works to the audience.

Photo courtesy of Lanlanli Medical Beauty Center

  The relevant person of Lanlanli Medical Aesthetics Center stated that its art space has initiated an art project that continuously causes the collision of artistic concepts and medical aesthetics concepts-L?LABPROJECT, and cooperates with pioneer artists and creators in different fields to continuously present and discuss avant-garde technology It contradicts and matches the beauty between the original nature, the external appearance and the spiritual core. As a new public art space, it will bring more different types of pioneer art exhibitions to Xiamen art lovers in the future. (Finish)