United States: night of violence in Philadelphia after death of black man killed by police

A protester pointing the finger at the police of a demonstration, October 27, 2020 in Philadelphia, following the death of a black man killed by American police.

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The city of Philadelphia is once again marked by protests and violence after the death of a black man killed Monday by police.

Philadelphia City Hall has called the National Guard and the White House is ready to intervene.


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Walter Wallace Junior, 27, was shot several times Monday afternoon by police in the middle of the street, when he refused to drop a knife.

His family explains that the young man who suffered from bipolar disorder was in crisis at the time.

His relatives do not understand why the police did not overpower him with a taser, an electric pulse pistol.

A new "


" for Biden

In a city already marked by the

death of George Floyd

in May and the demonstrations and violence that followed, hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Monday evening.

30 police officers were injured in clashes and looting, which recurred last night.

Several people were arrested.

Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney expressed concern over rising tensions, but he insisted on distinguishing between "

 peaceful protesters 

" and "

 vandalism and looting 


The White House, which has made the rise in crime in large metropolises often run by Democrats a campaign argument, has said it is ready to deploy federal resources to Philadelphia.

Like many of you, I viewed the video of the tragic shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr. that occurred yesterday.

It presents ...

Posted by Mayor Jim Kenney on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

For his part, Joe Biden deplored a new "


" against a black community which is at the heart of its electorate, while warning against any looting and attack against the police.

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