A number of senior Turkish officials condemn the decision of French satirical weekly

Charlie Hebdo

to publish a caricature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The publication is seen as "a disgusting attempt" to spread "cultural racism and hatred".

The front page of the magazine shows Erdogan sitting in a chair and wearing a T-shirt and underpants.

The signed president has a can of drink in one hand and is holding up the clothing of a veiled woman with the other.

Her buttocks can be seen through this, while the caricatured Erdogan "Ooh! The prophet!"


The cartoon is entitled:

Erdogan, he is very pleasant in private


"We condemn the publication about our president in the French magazine, which has no respect for our faith, our shrines and our values," said Erdogan's spokesman.

"They show their own vulgarity and immorality. An attack on personal rights is not a humor or an expression of freedom."

With the statements, the officials are adding fuel to the fire in the heated argument with France.

Erdogan said Emmanuel Macron had to seek psychological help after the French president announced tough measures against Muslim terrorism in his country.

The front of Charlie Hebdo with a caricature of Erdogan.

(Photo: Charlie Hebdo)

Measures in response to teacher's beheading

Macron came up with the measures in response to the beheading of a social studies teacher.

He showed

Charlie Hebdo

caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a lesson on freedom of speech.

The teacher was described by Macron as "a silent hero" who propagated the democratic values ​​of France.

France decided to recall its ambassador to Turkey because of the argument.

Erdogan responded to this on Monday by calling for a boycott of French products.

A number of other countries have also reacted with anger to the position of the French government in the aftermath of the beheading.

For example, thousands of people in Bangladesh took part in anti-France protests on Tuesday.

Several countries, including the Middle East, are also calling for a boycott of French products.