"Within the framework of this purchase, the SBS and ammunition that do not meet NATO standards, mainly means ammunition and weapons produced and used in the former USSR and the countries of the Eastern Bloc," the text says.

So, the list of US SBSVs of interest includes Soviet aircraft missiles, mortar weapon systems and their components, as well as small and medium caliber ammunition, large-caliber tank and cannon, artillery and mortar shells, follows from the document.

The weapons will be used for purposes "related to testing, training and combat use, aimed at supporting the National Military Strategy."

As specified in the tender documents, during the five-year term of the contract, the US government will be entitled to order the supply of a maximum of 4.1 billion units of SBS from several suppliers at once.

Earlier it was reported about the interest of the United States Department of Defense in the acquisition of a batch of full-size models of some samples of Soviet-made weapons.

As it was specified, the American side plans to use the products as part of the training process, including with the aim of developing "skills in handling enemy weapons."