The judge investigating the

alleged irregularities

in the


Justice Campus

(CJM) project has asked the Swiss authorities to locate the whereabouts of the architect

Norman Foster

in order to summon him as a witness.

In case of being located and "not appearing at the first appeal", the judge of the National Court José de la Mata requests that he proceed to his arrest, "in order to be taken by the public force" to the place where his appearance is set. , which is requested to be by videoconference.

The magistrate adopts this decision in a car, to which Efe has had access, after having gone to the

United Kingdom

last March for

the same purpose.

Last September, the British authorities responded to the magistrate that Foster "

is currently at his residence in Switzerland

and, due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and, due to quarantine measures, it is not possible for him to travel to the United Kingdom. ".

That is why the judge is now demanding the location of the architect from the Swiss authorities to be able to make this

appearance on December 14 next

and that they inform him, "as soon as possible", if it is considered "possible to practice it on the indicated dates."

The judge indicates that Foster's

whereabouts are unknown

, and since "the steps taken to find out his address" have been unsuccessful, he asks that they proceed to his location in order to summon him.

"The summons must be made with the warning of being arrested and taken by the public force in the case of not appearing," he warns.

The investigation

In relation to the Campus of Justice project, the judge is investigating

contracts worth 355.5 million euros

, of which 324.7 million corresponded to contracts for the construction of the Campus, which had to replace 21 buildings that were occupied in the city of Madrid.

Of these, 91.7 million were paid.

Foster Partners Limited signed an agreement for the Drafting of the Project for the building of the future headquarters of the Provincial Court and the Superior Court of Justice, which was never built.

This case has eight defendants, among them the former Madrid counselor of Justice in the Government of Esperanza Aguirre,

Alfredo Prada

, and the police officer

Andrés Gómez Gordo

, who was an advisor to María Dolores de Cospedal when she governed in Castilla-La Mancha and who is charged in the Kitchen piece of the Villarejo case.

The eight are being investigated for

alleged crimes of embezzlement, prevarication, influence peddling, corporate and related crimes

in relation to different practices carried out by the Mercantile Company Campus de la Justicia SA.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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