I participated in that great war. It was an absolute victory. Why did the US army lose?

Battle of Shangganling

The enemy forces to get rid of the passive situation

Use more than 60,000 people and more than 3,000 sorties of aircraft

More than 300 cannons and 170 tanks

On land less than 4 square kilometers

Threw more than 5,000 bombs and more than 1,900,000 shells

Its firepower density is the highest since World War II

Don't give up!

Within 43 days

The Chinese People's Volunteers repelled more than 670 enemy attacks

Wipe out more than 25,000 enemies

Created a model of defense warfare in the history of world wars

If the enemy is strong and we are weak, then use tactics!

In battle, in order to resist aircraft cannons and reduce combat consumption

The volunteers adopted the tactics of tunnel warfare

Construct 6,250 kilometers of tunnels

The excavated earth and rock can go around the earth one and a half times

Anyone who has fought against the volunteers

Will never forget this army

An American veteran who has fought with the volunteers said:

Waves of Chinese soldiers rushed up

From warrior to commander

We are scared...

When remembering that fierce battle

86-year-old veteran Zhang Jingyu

Can still proudly say after nearly seventy years:

"That was an absolute victory!"

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