"We are pleased to open the doors for Amazon.se and offer Swedish consumers a selection of more than 150 million products, of which tens of thousands come from local Swedish companies," said Alex Ootes, vice president of European expansion at Amazon, in a press release.

Some of the products offered to the Swedish people are undeniably unconventional, at least if one is to interpret the Swedish translation literally.

A "rape curtain" or earrings apparently for "European prostitutes", or pure nonsense descriptions, met many of the potential customers who visited the site on Wednesday.

In several contexts, inappropriate language is used, such as a "gypsy shirt".

The reason seems to be incorrect translations - the flower "rapeseed" has in several places been translated as "rape", and "rooster" - in English "cock" - has been translated as "cock".

Photo: Facsimile

It is unclear whether anyone with Swedish as a mother tongue checked Amazon's Swedish website before it was opened to the public.

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