Dozens of Christian students participated in drawing the phrase "but the Messenger of God" with their bodies in a school in Egypt, in opposition to the French insult to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

On Tuesday, local media in Egypt published pictures of Christian students sharing their Muslim colleagues in drawing the phrase "except for the Messenger of God" with their bodies inside a playground in a school in Alexandria.

Christian and Muslim students gathered in an organized manner to draw the phrase accurately, in a scene that sparked widespread welcome reactions on social media platforms, which captured the image and re-posted it hundreds of times under the hashtag, "I am Christian and against insulting Islam."

An account called "Mina" said on "Twitter", "A wonderful scene for Christian students refusing to insult the Messenger of Islam. I am a Christian and against insulting religions. Except for the Messenger of God."

Meanwhile, tweeters launched an initiative to record the phrase "I am a Christian and I refuse to offend Islam, a Muslim Christian with one hand", in Arabic and French, through their accounts on the communication platforms in Egypt.

Thousands of solidarity tweets from Christians in Egypt come as part of a global wave of outrage over the continued publication of cartoons insulting to the Noble Prophet in France, and statements by Macron in support of that on the pretext of "freedom of expression."

During the past few days, France has witnessed the publication of insulting pictures and cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - on the facades of buildings in France, which sparked a wave of anger across the Islamic world.

A week ago, French President Emmanuel Macron said, in a press statement, that France would not abandon the "cartoons" (insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and Islam), which sparked a widespread wave of anger across the Islamic world, and campaigns were launched in some countries boycotting products And French merchandise.