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  • State of alarm: The PP negotiates with the Government partners a pact to force Pedro Sánchez to appear once a month

  • Control session: Pedro Sánchez proposes that the Interterritorial Health Council and not Congress review the state of alarm within four months

The Government will carry out the declaration of the state of alarm for six months and it will do so without, in that period, Congress having more intervention than that of a mere listener.

Parliamentary groups, gripped between everything and nothing, between having to approve or reject the application of an exceptionality measure that they believe is necessary to stop the pandemic, choose to join the yes without placing hardly any conditions on an Executive that discharges all responsibility of the restriction of fundamental rights on the shoulders of the CCAA.

The most that a good part of the groups have reached is to request the Prime Minister to be him, and not the Minister of Health, who appears periodically in the Chamber to "give an account" of the situation, but without Congress have to vote on the need to extend the state of alarm.

That is, information yes, vote no.

This demand will go ahead in accordance with the formula proposed by ERC and which will be supported by the PSOE and according to which, the president will have to go to Congress every two months.

The PNV has also decided its vote in favor without any conditions other than that of demanding that the municipalities that constitute "enclaves" receive the proper treatment of the province that surrounds them even if it does not belong to the Autonomous Community of the aforementioned territories.

In short, that the County of Treviño is affected by the decisions of the Basque Government for the purposes of controlling the pandemic.

Más País and Compromís will also support the Government.

Both forces have presented a proposal with a view to the debate that will be held in Congress tomorrow and in which the Government will request authorization from the Chamber to decree the longest state of alarm of all that have been activated to date throughout the national territory.

These formations propose that Pedro Sánchez be held accountable in Parliament "at least once a month, in a debate without a vote."

In addition, they demand that Salvador Illa do the same biweekly before the Congressional Health Commission.

In the opinion of Íñigo Errejón and Joan Baldoví this is enough to guarantee the control function of Congress.

In any case, Más País and Compromís are willing to accept the bimonthly appearance formula that ERC encourages with the support of the PSOE.

Ciudadanos, for their part, is holding open a negotiation with the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, to try to get the Government to rectify by reducing the period of the state of alarm and accepting that it is Sánchez himself who appears before Congress with a frequency that they prefer every fortnight but they could accept monthly.

They maintain the need to "combine legal security with accountability."

However, if both conditions are accepted, they would not make it inconvenient for Congress not to authorize the extension of the state of alarm from time to time.

The orange formation must now study the idea of ​​appearances every two months that the PSOE is willing to support and based on this decide whether to vote in favor of the state of alarm until May or as they have considered until this same noon, they abstain.

Until now, Moncloa has transferred to Cs that the president is not the authority of the state of alarm, but that the regional presidents are.

For this reason, the Executive rejected in principle that Sánchez has to go to Congress.

"If there is accountability we can approve the extension of the state of alarm, but if not, we are considering abstention," explain sources from the leadership of the liberal formation.

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Politics The PP negotiates with the Government partners a pact to force Pedro Sánchez to appear once a month

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