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October 28, 2020 "The tightening adopted so far against the second wave of the coronavirus, such as the curfew in the areas of maximum alert, has been useful but not enough, but now it is not enough, it is not enough anymore. The virus circulates in France at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had predicted ": the French president, Emmanuel Macron said, opening his speech before the nation.

"We are inundated by the sudden acceleration of the epidemic, as everywhere in Europe", he added, saying that the second wave will be "harder and more lethal than the first".

For this reason the president has announced that from Friday 30 October there will be a lockdown throughout the country, until 1 December.

"But the schools will remain open" with special health protocols.

Restrictions for universities.

It will be allowed "as in spring, to leave the house to go to work, for a medical appointment, to give assistance to a loved one, to go shopping or to take some fresh air near your home".

However, it will be necessary to have the now famous self-certification with you.

"Bars and restaurants will be closed - said the Elysée tenant -. Employees and employers who cannot work will continue to benefit from partial unemployment".

"The national lockdown in France will remain in effect until December 1," Macron said, explaining the anti-Covid measures.

"Stay at home, respect the rules," added the president.

"Success will depend on each person's sense of responsibility".



will remain open

During the new lockdown announced by France, the borders of the Schengen area will remain open, the president specified.

"Our situation is shared with all the countries of Europe, we are overwhelmed by Covid, we are all surprised by the violence" of the second wave, Macron said.

Almost 70 thousand infections in 24 hours

Record infections in France, with 69,854 new coronavirus cases recorded in the last 24 hours, 767 deaths, 2821 hospitalizations and 372 in intensive care: this is what emerges from the Santé Publique France data.