October 28, 2020 Pino Scaccia, historical Rai correspondent and former editor-in-chief of the special services of Tg1, is dead.

Roman, was 74 years old.

He had been hospitalized for weeks in a facility in the capital and got worse as a result of complications due to the Coronavirus infection.

As an envoy he followed the main international events, from the first Gulf War to the end of the Soviet Union, from the conflict of the former Yugoslavia to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

But he was also at the forefront on Italian issues, from the mafia to terrorism.

On Twitter immediate condolences from friends and colleagues.

Usigrai writes: "Pino Scaccia, correspondent on the main international events of the last 40 years, passed away. He was also at the forefront of Italian issues, from the mafia to terrorism. Race chronicler. He gave prestige to Tg1, Rai, interpreting the values ​​of the Public Service ".

Toni Capuozzo writes: "Goodbye, Pino. Now the best memories hurt even more. Pino Scaccia, the correspondent of Tg1 Rai, the colleague and friend, the man who still had many projects and with whom it was nice to meet up as old men veterans is gone ".   

The Article 21 association on its website remembers the journalist as follows: "Pino Scaccia, one of the founders of Article 21, one of the founders of Article 21, has left us, never forgetting the least of all faiths and skin colors. . We will remember him tomorrow at the opening of the award dedicated to his friend Roberto Morrione ".

Then he republishes his latest post for the article 21 website written last August to remember his friend and colleague Enzo Baldoni.