The US Senate has passed a bill to ratify the nominee for the US Supreme Court Justice Amy Connie Barrett.

The Republican-dominated US Senate passed the Barrett nominee's approval bill in a plenary ballot, 52 in favor and 48 in opposition, despite Democratic opposition.

Earlier, the Barrett nominee's approval proposal was handled by the Republican Party alone during the Senate Judiciary Committee boycotted by the Democrats on the 22nd.

When President Trump's conservative Justice Barrett joined as the successor of Justice Ginsburg, who was called the ``symbol of progress,'' the ideological landscape of the U.S. Federal Justice was reorganized into a conservative superiority with six conservatives and three progressives.

This raises the possibility of conservative rulings on major issues, including abortion, gun control and health insurance.

In particular, the possibility of a court battle over the results of the presidential election has been raised due to the controversy over the election by mail, which is coupled with the Corona 19 incident.

Reuters and AFP reported that the approval of Justice Barrett gave President Trump a major victory ahead of the presidential election.

Earlier, after Justice Ginsburg passed away on the 18th of last month, President Trump and the Republican Party mobilized the conservatives with the aim of ``approving before the presidential election,'' while Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Democratic Party confronted that the elected candidate should nominate a successor after the election. came.

The 48-year-old Justice Barrett's nominee is the fifth female supreme justice ever and the second youngest since 1991, 43-year-old Justice Clarence Thomas.

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